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How To Start Your Own Online Business?


It is worth evaluating the idea on three parameters:

Feasibility. The technical side. Can your idea be implemented with adequate time and money?

The viability side. The business side. Does your idea have a suitable business model that would generate revenue and increase profits when scaled?

Temptation. Does your product need the market? Does your product solve a problem? If so, which one? What segment of the market needs this problem solved?

Coaching. If you are a business owner with enough experience, you can offer consultancy or coaching services online and communicate via Skype or email (

Ideas are much harder to implement than they are to generate. Instead of spending years wondering what business to take up, it is better to spend time on a business plan and workflow. And this article will help you figure out what business to pursue. Choose a rubric for your interests and competencies, find ideas and bring them to life!

Just keep in mind: even the best product will not promote itself. To get the best results in terms of website traffic, conversions, leads and sales, you need comprehensive business promotion.

A service exchange. You can make a resource for a wide range of services, like YouDo, or create a specialised exchange for freelancers in a particular field. For example, an exchange for copywriters, programmers, designers. Investigate your competitors: we have published a review of popular freelance exchanges.

B2B services. A large and detached stratum of ideas are various services for businesses. Outsourcing is gaining popularity: if a specialist is needed for a few hours a month, they will not be kept on staff.

A competent professional can set up a successful business on this. You can start out with zero budget and search for orders yourself. And then, in the future, having gained a customer base and experience, you can open a full-fledged SMM studio, uniting several professionals (

The mobile app market is growing steadily on a daily basis. Over the last few years, mobile apps have played a big role in the life of any smartphone or tablet user. There are a huge number of apps out there – some of them are downloading well from the AppStore or GooglePlay, generating decent profits for their developers.

If you have the necessary skills, you can run an online mobile app development business. To do this, you will need to buy licensed software, which you will work with. It is imperative that you buy licensed software. Otherwise you run the risk of incurring a heavy fine.

This is a continuation of the programming theme. If it’s close to your heart and you have experience in visual editors, you can start earning money from the online business of creating websites and blogs and promoting them. It’s not as difficult to open such a business as it is to succeed in it. Now the market is flooded with such proposals – to reach your customer, you have to try. Place advertisements, send out an offer to potential customers, reduce the price, take on small orders. Start simple, gain practice, build up your client base, build up your portfolio and gradually develop your business. After a few months of practice, you can look for a serious order to create and maintain a website.

Online copycentre. The essence of an online business idea is simple but ingenious. You have probably come across a situation where you need to print some documents, but you do not have a printer at home and there is no copy centre nearby. What to do? This question is answered by the online copy centre service.

The essence of the idea is this: a client sends you an electronic file with a text by e-mail. This can be term and graduation theses, e-tickets, photos, etc. You print them, staple them if necessary, pack them, and send them to the customer via courier. That is the whole scheme. You can edit documents for a fee. To run an online business online you will need to buy a MFP. Its cost can start from 5000 UAH.