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How To Start Your Own Online Business?


It is worth evaluating the idea on three parameters:

Feasibility. The technical side. Can your idea be implemented with adequate time and money?

The viability side. The business side. Does your idea have a suitable business model that would generate revenue and increase profits when scaled?

Temptation. Does your product need the market? Does your product solve a problem? If so, which one? What segment of the market needs this problem solved?

Coaching. If you are a business owner with enough experience, you can offer consultancy or coaching services online and communicate via Skype or email (

Ideas are much harder to implement than they are to generate. Instead of spending years wondering what business to take up, it is better to spend time on a business plan and workflow. And this article will help you figure out what business to pursue. Choose a rubric for your interests and competencies, find ideas and bring them to life!

Just keep in mind: even the best product will not promote itself. To get the best results in terms of website traffic, conversions, leads and sales, you need comprehensive business promotion.

A service exchange. You can make a resource for a wide range of services, like YouDo, or create a specialised exchange for freelancers in a particular field. For example, an exchange for copywriters, programmers, designers. Investigate your competitors: we have published a review of popular freelance exchanges.