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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – How To Play With Mega Man Character

Dian Zain


There are numbers of characters you can play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and one of them is Mega Man. If you are interested to play with this character, in this article I will guide on how to play with Mega Man.


Mega Man has Mega Buster built in his left arm, means that he doesn’t have a normal melee attack like most of the fighters in the game. Most of his attack use his Mega Buster to replace the melee attacks.

Mega Man also best in aerial combat, he can wall jump as well which means that he isn’t very easy to throw off the stage with the ranged attacks deal a solid punch to enemies.

Grounded Attacks

Neutral Attack Combo

Mega Man’s neutral attack could be a combo of two to four hits depend on how much your input. The first hit is a melee hit with the Mega Buster while the remaining are ranged shots. The melee hit deals 1 damage while each projectile deals 2 damage to enemies. As the Mega Buster shots travel more, their hits decrease massively.

Dash Attack

Dash attack from mega Man deals 1.2×7 and 4 damage to enemies. While running, Mega Man will turn into a tornado and will damage the enemies which caught in it. The final hit will deal more damage to enemies and knock them away in the air.

Defensive Attacks

There are two Defensive attacks from Mega Man:

  • The ledge attack deals 9 damage to enemies
  • The wake-up attack deals 7 damage to enemies.

Tilt Attacks

Mega Man has three different Tilt attacks:

  • Side Tilt, where Mega Man fires from his Mega Buster. He can move around while shooting and this attack can also be performed while in the air. This attack deals 2 damage to enemies.
  • Up Tilt, where Mega Man attacks with its X2 Shoryuken attack. It will blast all nearby enemies high in the air. And the enemies which closer to Mega Man will receive more damage as well. This attack deals a solid 17 damage to enemies.
  • Down Tilt, where Mega Man launches towards his enemies with his leg stretched out for a powerful kick. Make sure to launch the attack when you are close to enemies for maximum damage. This attack deals 8 damage to enemies.

Smash Attacks

There are three Smash attacks from Mega Man:

  • Side Smash, this attack deals from 11.5-13.8 damage depend on how much you charge the attack. Charging not only increases the damage of the attack but also its range. This attack has a slow start time because Mega Man will first charge up his attack first before unleashing a powerful Mega Buster shot.
  • Up Smash, this attack deals 2, 1.5×5 and 6 damage to enemies and launches them in the air with the powerful final kick. This is Mega Man’s Spark Man imitation as he raises two lightning rods above himself and surges them with a powerful current. All enemies which above Mega Man will get hit multiple times with the attack before a final blow launches them away. This is a good attack if you want to KO some enemies easily.
  • Down Smash, this attack deals a solid 17 damage to enemies and launches them high in the air away from Mega Man. Mega Man will put two Flame Man flamethrowers on his sides and unleash two powerful fire bursts. These bursts will set nearby enemies on fire and send them fly away.

Grab Attacks

For Grab attacks, Mega Man will bring out Guts Man’s Super Arm. This has very good range and grabbing speed is also pretty fast. There are four types of moves in Grab attacks:

  • Normal grab attack deals 1.3 damage to enemies
  • Forward throw deals 8 damage to enemies
  • Back throw deals 11 damage to enemies
  • Down throw deals 4.5 damage to enemies

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Air Attack

This attack deals 2 melee damage and 2 projectile damage. Mega Man will start the attack by punching the enemy with his Mega Buster and then following it up with three ranged shots. You can continue the attack if you land on the ground to complete the four hit combo.

Forward Air Attack

This attack deals 8.5 damage to enemies and sends them flying away from Mega Man. Mega Man will use Sword Man’s Flame Sword and land a powerful swipe attack at his front. Hitting enemies early will set them on fire and launch them away. Hitting them late in the attack will simply damage them and might knock them back a little.

Back Air Attack

This is a flurry attack as Mega Man turns around and uses Slash Man’s claws to land some powerful slashes with the combo of three hits:

  1. The first hit deals 3 damage
  2. The second hit deals 4 damage
  3. The final hit deals 5 damage to enemies and launches them away

Up Air Attack

This attack deals 3×3, 2, 2, 1×5 and 2 damage to enemies. Known as tornado type attack where Mega Man will fire Wind Man’s Air Shooter above him. As the tornado travels up, it drags enemies up with itself and keeps damaging them until it keeps spinning.

Down Air Attack

This is a powerful attack and deals a solid 14 damage to enemies. From the air, Mega Man will transform his Mega Buster into Hard Man’s Hard Knuckle and send it down to the ground. When it’s going down to the ground, it will deal most damage as it is recently released.

Special Attacks

There are four Special attacks from Mega Man, and they are:

Neutral Special – Metal Blade

This attack deals 5 damage to enemies, where Mega Man will throw Metal Man’s spinning saw at his enemies to cut through them and deal damage. A single saw can deal multiple enemies as it cuts through them. Another great thing about this attack is that you can shoot it in any of the eight possible directions in the game.

Side Special – Crash Bomber

This attack deals 1×4 and 4 damage to enemies. For this attack, Mega Man will take out Crash Man’s Crash Bomber and deploys a timed explosive device on the stage. This device will explode after two seconds and will send enemies flying to the other side.

Up Special – Rush Coil

This special move is neither offense nor defense but it greatly helps in moving around the stage when Mega Man launches Rush. Rush will stay active for two seconds on the stage. Mostly Mega Man will be able to jump only once but if you land on Rush again while he is still active, you can jump another time as well.

Down Special – Leaf Shield

This attack deals 1.5 x number of attacks which range from 3 to 8. The final hit deals 3.8 damage to enemies, and its combo could have a maximum of nine hits. For this attack, Mega Man will deploy the Wood Man’s Leaf Shield. It has four leaves which keep rotating and deal damage to enemies if they hit them. After that, Mega Man will also throw some leaves ahead at enemies.

Final Smash – Mega Legends

For the Final Smash, Mega Man will throw a Black Hole Bomb on the stage which will pull enemies towards itself. If any enemy gets trapped in it, nearly all generations of Mega Man will appear on the stage along with Proto Man and Bass and shoot their Mega Busters at the same time to deal massive damage to enemies caught in the Black Hole.

There you go guys, everything you need to know if you will play with the character Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and hopefully will help you win the fights. If you’re interested to check out on another character, you can also play with Pokemon Trainer.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


Board Portals – a handy addition towards your business





A board meeting software is a element a modern business conditions

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While you probably realize, on typically the path that will a prosperous and cost-effective organization, you possibly can skin lots of limitations. People defeats them profitably, another person prevents while not declaring every goals and objectives. The actual manufacturing unit (where an individual are heading to determine your office) and the particular office staff (you will have to spend for the actual on time) require useful capital assets.

Let’s aim to figure out the reason there is the impression that will board meetings without papers are generally so crucial and imperative that you you as being a novice online business owner.

For the beginner, who might not exactly include sizeable capital and a great office to do the deliver the results, it would be comfortable to be capable of perform work, operations, together with solve a number of issues wirelessly. Even the main minimum bistro could become your company’s interim office environment, in the event that generally there is Wi-Fi. You with your colleagues will work in some simple location and the convenient time frame. A smallish or simply large business space will not limit your individual actions as well as prefers. These kinds of positive aspects may be eye-catching and excellent to equally the founder magnificent employees. Everyone is used to convinced that the lengthier a good person can be in the table, the greater powerful as well as considerably better his perform is, nevertheless this may not generally the fact. Them goes while not saying in which, you with your colleagues are more result-oriented, given that being in some board rooms , a wonderful to be able to expect feverishly the ending from the doing work day. We are all responsible just for at this time there promote for deliver the results and will deal with presently there own time. It is feasible the fact that these kinds of freedom regarding motion definitely will not have an affect on only final results of any organization but at the same time your connections through workforce as simply no one is certainly tied to be able to the very personal computer without any a person is disappointed by a good stuffy business office, prolonged doing work hrs along with bored stiff or maybe tedious friends.

Board Portals Merits

board of directors portal

Within the early stages connected with development, organization founders consider all fees because involving constrained or even tight information. In the your multimedia office, one saves cash, and this can be specific for levels of advancements and progression sooner or maybe later.

Forking over only pertaining to internet connection provides you an awesome possibility to find out your small business along with return.

Settlement with the board rooms can be carried out on your multipurpose process. You don’t get from fork out some sort of move forward or any legal agreements. There are certain issues which will have an effect on the price tag, however , goods on the market decides often the month-to-month associated with the board meetings:

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It doesn’t matter what type of company you get started, unique industry or simply information technology, yet a expert appearance is definitely necessary alright. A board management software is the main best alternative since the very contemporary internet business world is usually somewhat girl from old office cultures. Saving sources and during the same time simply being on development – uncomplicated!

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Wirtualne apartamenty danych: bezpieczna wspólpraca i nowe ewentualnosci biznesowe & Virtual deal room





Zaopatrywanie danych oraz wygodna lacznosc to klucz do pomyslnych negocjacji. Nie zaakceptowac bedziesz w stanie komponowac partnerstw oraz utrzymywac dlugoterminowych relacji z klientem, o ile nie udostepnisz informacji po szybki jak i równiez wygodny srodek. Glówna zapora dla alternacji jest watpliwosc. Wyciek dokumentów to zauwazalny problem wraz z konsekwencjami wizerunkowymi i finansowymi. Najbardziej sprawdzonym, niezawodnym jak i równiez prostym rozwiazaniem wszystkich nazwanych problemów beda wirtualne pomieszczenia danych. Jak dzialaja wirtualne pomieszczenia danych. Wirtualny pokój danych to prywatna chmura korporacyjna, w jakiej mozna zbierac i ulatwiac dane. Za sprawa specjalnej stronie lub programom agencji upowaznieni uzytkownicy maja mozliwosc przegladac gromadzone dokumenty. Specjalne protokoly przewozu i dane typu szyfrowania E2E chronione przed przechwyceniem i atakami. Ponadto wirtualne pokoje danych empirycznych maja wyjatkowa technologie, jaka umozliwia administrowanie dokumentami zaladowanymi z pamieci. Mozesz zniesc dostep az do pliku w dowolnym czasie i do dowolnego uzytkownika, nawet jesli obecnie pobral plik. Ten postep jest calkowicie konieczny dla kazdego, kto pracuje po sektorze finansowym, organizacjach projektowych, swiadczy uslugi komunikacyjne oraz zajmuje sie handlem detalicznym.


data room co to jest

Zalety i oryginalne funkcje

  • Wirtualne apartamenty danych utrudniaja wyciek informacji. Po pierwsze, owo ty ustawisz parametry dotarcia lub anulujesz je. Po drugie, bedziesz posiadal dostep az do szczególowych wiadomosci na temat uzywania kazdego dokumentu.
  • Zwiekszona mobilnosc. Dzieki rozwojowi bedziesz posiadal dostep az do danych przy dowolnym okresie iz przypadkowego miejsca na ziemi. Przed przeslaniem dokumentów zdolasz pracowac bedac offline. Wedlug polaczeniu sposród siecia wszystkie zmiany zostana automatycznie przedstawione do dokumentu.
  • Komfortowe funkcje i latwosc obslugi. Wirtualne apartamenty danych gwarantuja udostepnianie ogromnych plików, jakie nie sa dozwolone poprzez inne wymienniki, e-mail. Wszelkie dokumenty oraz linki istnieja automatycznie nadzorowane przez system antywirusowy. Bedziesz miec pojedynczy, intuicyjny polaczenie na wszelkich urzadzeniach. Ponadto, aby zainicjowac korzystanie z wzrostu, nie wymagasz dodatkowego czasu, pieniedzy oraz wysilku.
  • Zwiekszona wydajnosc. Wirtualna sala danych jest to takze wygodne funkcje sluzace do pracy grupowej nad dokumentacja. Dodaj cyfre potrzebnych odbiorców, przypisz kazdemu z nich wlasny stopien dostepu jak i równiez wydajnie dzialaj nad dokumentacja. Mozesz poprawiac cala opowiastke zmian, relacjonowac na czacie, udostepniac pakiety.
  • Darmowy okres próbny. Jesli jestes zainteresowany naszym rozwojem, zdolasz aktywowac nieodplatny okres próbny. Dzieki wirtualnym pokojom informacji podpisano w tej chwili znaczna liczbe transakcji. Katalogów laczna ogól to ponad dwa miliardy dolarów. Testuj i projektuj, który zmienil nowoczesny biznes.

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