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WWE SmackDown Results, Titles And Participants for Money Announced

Fawad Pirzada


WWE SmackDown that occurred on the 30th of April saw very some high points and low points throughout the show! The show started with Kofi Kingston and Michael Cole in the ring – Owens goes along with them later and a counterpart for the WWE Championship between the two is profited In the Bank 2019.


WWE SmackDown Results

Up next was a match between Becky Lynch and Bailey where Lynch won. Charlotte Flair assaulted her after the match.

WWE SmackDown Results: Hardy Boyz Vacate Tag Team Titles

Jeff Hardy exited with a bolster and declared that the Hardy Boyz will empty the label group title after he endured damage on account of Lars Sullivan on the last scene of SmackDown. Nonetheless, he included that they will be back soon. Lars Sullivan exits and assaults Matt Hardy after that. R-Truth raced to make the spare yet stayed fruitless.

WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Participants Announced

SmackDown Live Money in the Bank 2019 members incorporates Ali, Randy Orton, Andrade, and Finn Balor. The occasion will happen on the nineteenth of May. More names to be added to the match throughout the following couple of weeks.

Headliner: Roman Reigns versus B-Team and The Kevin Owens Show

The headliner during the current week’s WWE SmackDown Live observed Roman Reigns rout the B-Team (alongside Elias, who was the exceptional arbitrator). Rules beat up Elias after the match. The last fragment of the night was Kevin Owens appear. Kofi turned out to assault him towards its finish yet, at last, Owens got the high ground and rounded Kofi up the eyes to get away.

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